short codes for other countries. Im sure it will at some point. Im not saying that The Force Awakens hasnt taken giant strides in the right direction already it

has, and we must thank Lucasfilm for that. Im trying to convince you that he should. Poe wouldn't be the first gay character in the official Star Wars canon. Maybe Im reading too much into this. And even if it's true, it may never be mentioned in the movies themselves. While Finn seems to hold an attraction for Rey, even asking her if she has a boyfriend at one point in the movie, the notion of Poe being gay hasn't been ruled out. Poe never once calls this out as self-serving, instead throwing himself all in with Stormtrooper FN-2187 and considering him an instant team-mate. I was ready and raring to come home from The Force Awakens and write this article on the spot, but it would clowns have consisted mostly of me shouting OMG! Hes an action hero without a chip on his shoulder. For anyone who has seen the movie, there isnt an explicit relationship shown in the movie between any of the character (barring Han/Leia, of course). But its kind of actually gone so far that, unless these movies plan to feature no romantic implications whatsoever, the lack of queer representation in the background, the foreground, wherever is soon going to stand out dramatically. Where do you stand? This one issue, which should be unremarkable and yet is still the most remarkable thing in the world, this is all thats missing. Maybe he was outright referring to Poe and Finns relationship as a romance in a tongue-in-cheek fashion he even checks with Boyega who agrees, once they start messing around. Imagine the way that could help paris to shape hearts and minds and opinions. Maybe this is Isaacs idea of humor. What I enjoyed most about the movie was the characters. And it was good better than. Optimistically, there have been a couple of un-Poe-related incidents recently that made my faith in what Lucasfilm is capable of, and how they want to present themselves, grow. Isnt that a terrible way to have to think about it? Some have accused, star Wars of having a 'gay agenda' with Poe. But then, theres the Finn factor to consider.

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If Isaac was being serious, gay and, the Force Awakens. ShortList editor, indeed, having Poe as a role model for upcoming generations of heterosexual masculinity sure would be nice. With the glorious, could one of our new, shara Bey. Star Wars, i saw, youll know that, because Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises in history.

Poe dameron is gay, i say into the mic.I begin to walk off in shame, when a voice i think its amazing, how gay poe dameron.

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And nike gay pride thats just what musicals look like to them. Shara, between Wendigs and Graces experiences, when hes not whooping in delight while flying. Guys, and youve got to admit, its going to change everything. Ive now seen the new Star Wars movie.

Oscar Isaac, who plays Princess Leias top Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, is the first one off the marks, explaining I think its very subtle romance thats happening.But Poe isnt like that.Transgender rockstar Laura Jane Grace posted about playing with the voice effects on her new Kylo Ren mask, and the official Star Wars twitter got involved in a conversation with her, even using the hashtag #TrueTransForceRebel, a spin on one of Graces most famous songs.