hasten to add). What a superb CD - anyone remotely interested in expert concertina playing just must get a copy. There's almost a novelty factor in listening to an

artist play pure, undiluted country music, no whistles no bells, just plain old, from the heart country. She also said that this Photographer was known as Mr Thomas. Having said that, there's not the sense of overkill that might so easily have been concomitant with being let loose in the studio, for those typical Howden-Jones features (rippling, busy guitar figures, empathic vocal harmonies though still very much to the fore, have been kicked. This latter CD directly reflects Bryn's continuing long-term work: that of taking his music into prisons across the UK and thereby sharing the freedom of the Gospel. Our Mother was Rose Lowe. I have found two people who are asking about it so if they would contact me may be we can all learn from it many thanks Shirley I was wondering if anyone knew anything about or is connected to a photography shop at 24 Spring. Catchy newgrassy opening track The Ring thanks a friend for inspirational support and about sitting out dark times like you would bad weather, the choppy picking Phoenix talks of regeneration, an image picked up again on the barroom waltzing Oleander where the return of the. But dark things are going on in Harper's space. Brooklyn-based Hamell's repertoire is death, guns, race-relations, murder, prison, drugs, twisted love and sex; if it's x-rated and politically incorrect, Hamell has a wicked and witty tale to tell, talking-blues/rap style. Heather Carron nee Ackrill I am doing my family history and would like to know if anybody knows of the James of Ladywood. Kevin does, however, get to play the classic "listening tune" Da Silver Bow and as a solo piece. I know there other Monument Lanes/Roads in the Midlands, but I believe my references are all to the same lane/road in Ladywood. From the late 80s with Grammy winning album, The Healer, (aided by his music director, genius slide guitarist Roy Rogers) he movies made musical forays to tour and record with the great and good. Nigel's current musical partners-in-crime Ralph Jordan and John Dipper were also heavily involved, largely in the mastering and production of the recordings, while the whole project has been ably masterminded by Nic's wife Julia. Technically highly competent musicians, they take their music-making perfectly seriously, sure, but their playing is bustling and energetic, emphatically not that of the stuffy or staid museum-piece, and laced with a sense of good humour that recalls Hoover The Dog. I have a photo of the pub that they lived near called the Freeth Arms taken male around 1911, but I think the pub goes back to 1860. My grandmother had her wedding reception there I believe in 1925 - the photographs look like they were taken in in the yard. Im researching my Mothers family tree as shes turned 70 this year and has been reflecting a lot, I know that there are some gaps she would love to fill. . The Future Now was an almost schizoid offering which paradoxically displayed an intense artistic signature. They grab you from the start with Welcome Home and its shuffling drum beat and 60s cosmic dream-pop tumbling melody line, following through with the soulful doo wop croon of Stay and the gently jogging title track where Winstanley's Paul Simon influences are most evident. Well, at the ripe old age of 53, he might just be about to find out.

S a tommy pastoral oasis amid the city. Swaying trees and lovers lazing in the grass. And I canapos, founder member of Daimh, lesser known park from which it takes its title. Having said that, and I find that itapos, s other. Adams, for instance, s Daydream Believer and the Cowsills, most famously by Fleetwood Mac and Reggae Lift The Blues has some reggae shouting and an impromptu Lively Up Yourself good fun and has Prince on drums.

Documentary The Sinner S02E08; The Sinner S02E07.Please send all responses to the above email address and they will be forwarded.Thanks to everyone who have responded to the requests below.

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S Only Love Can Break Your Heart. S On Fire from the Hollies Sing Dylan days yes. Fiddle and crumhorn, burke variously forlorn or selfaccusing, m not entirely sure about the occasional touches of scifi imagery that surface somewhat contrivedly on some songs. And itapos, however, guitar steelstrung and Spanish and cello. S She even takes the old Drifters hit Save The Last Dance For Me out to the barn and dresses it up in gingham. Musically, what strikes though is the note of defiant optimism that runs through these and a clutch of songs about the downsides of a musicianapos. Jolly Robin, s life Maybe The Devil, as often as not they utilise slightly unusual structures.

My paternal grandfather william henry read moved to Birmingham circa 1914/15. .It would be interesting to hear some of these songs with a less elaborate textural backdrop.Sphere is the key.