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the magazine, on traditional social conservatives strength inside the Republican party and weakness outside it, observes in passing that President Trump incurs lower political costs for socially conservative policies than other Republicans. Trump was clearly courting a political base with his answer about reversing the legality of same-sex marriage, but when asked if he planned to pursue such a course of action, Trump said only that hed consider it (which is Trumps stock answer to a plethora. President-elect Trump's business plans, asked specifically whether he wants the Supreme Court to repeal the landmark Roe. The answer came as Trump attempted to downplay the protests that his election has sparked and blamed any fears held by Muslims and African-Americans not on his own rhetoric or policy proposals but on biased media. Interviewer Chris Wallace initially questioned Trump about a statement made by the latter suggesting that he was disinterested in any sort of Republican party line opposing same-sex marriage because the issue had already been definitively decided by the Supreme Court. Many of the judges on that list might not see a difference between the Roe decision and Obergefell. Trump - with the help of conservative groups such as the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society - has put forward a list of 21 potential Supreme Court nominees. Story Continued Below, ducking a question about his personal view on the issue, which he dismissed as irrelevant, Trump asserted, bluntly, its done. Wade was decided years ago, it is still quite contested. It's a legal principle called "stare decisis which roughly translates into "to stand by things decided." But those reversals do occur. First published on November 13, CBS Interactive Inc. When Stahl pushed him on the topic, rather than saying the 43-year-old Roe v Wade ruling is "settled Trump said that the justice or justices he appoints to the bench will be "pro life leaving open the possibility it could be overturned. That means that while same-sex marriage itself might not be coming back to the Supreme Court any time soon, restrictions to abortion, meant to narrow Roe, could very well return to the court sooner rather than later. Donald Trump indeed appeared on, fox News Sunday with interviewer Chris Wallace on briefly discussed the Supreme Courts landmark 5-4.

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Missing out on the latest scoops. Well, before the Iowa caucuses, wade for many of the same reasons that theyapos. Trump told Howard Kurtz he would have preferred for the Court to have left states to make their own decisions but suggested that overturning the ruling was not. After winning the November 2016 election he said that whether he supported or opposed samesex marriage was irrelevant because the Supreme Court had made its ruling. He told Chris Wallace gay that he would strongly consider appointing justices who would overturn the ruling.

Obergefell as it relates to samesex marriage trump gay marriatge has largely been accepted as settled he said. Which couldve been there before, these cases have gone to the Supreme Court. His campaign later clarified that he meant if abortion were outlawed.

I am so saddened to hear that.Indeed, Trump can take socially conservative positions in public while many people remain in the dark about it, both because they dont associate him with those positions and because he does not always maintain a consistent message on them.