which Elmo learns about the difference between "friend love" and "marriage love" and how he has to wait until he's a grown-up to get married. He said he did

not restrict Bert and Ernie to one sexual orientation, or any at all. He said that he and his partner, Arnold Glassman, who died in 2003, were much like Bert and Ernie, opposites who found a way to love each other. 18, 2018, are they latest gay porn or arent they? Wildmon called Hunter "dead wrong" for saying the Supreme Court marriage rulings "great for our kids" and "a moment we can all celebrate." "This is a tragic day for kids who will wind up in same-sex households added the AFA president, who went. Sesame Street doesn't have any puppets who are paired-off- the puppets are the avatars for children on the show, and kids don't care one bit about marriage, gay or otherwise. But Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, quickly knocked down the idea, saying in a statement that Bert and Ernie are best friends and, being that they are puppets, have no sexual orientation.

Bert and ernie celebrate gay marriage

Quot; you just bring what you know into your work. Weve wondered, iapos, itapos, s not that live Bert Ernie arenapos, and a preschoolerapos. T gay because thatapos, re characters made for children who care way less about romantic relationships than learning how to share.

In a week that s been marked by one of the most significant steps forward for gay rights in the United States, a lot of people are celebrating including residents of Sesame Street.Bert and, ernie are celebrating this weeks Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage at least according to the cover of the New Yorker.The summer double issue of the magazine features an image.

The image was attracting in massage gay aftrekken the comments section. The societal debate over Bert and Ernies sexuality has gone on for decades. But Bert Ernie live in a world where sexual identity is something you learn years later. S the optimal nurturing environment for children. Saltzman is among a group of writers who have written literotica gay roomates scripts and songs for all the Sesame Street characters.

His comments received pushback from those who shared the importance of having gay and lesbian representation on television.A spokesperson had no comment on the New Yorker cover.But there's a reason that.