deportista se ha quedado recientemente soltero -rompió con la modelo Irina Shayk- y no parece que haya sentado cabeza. Badr Hari, 31, is said to have been held after

touching down in the Moroccan city of Casablanca after a trip to Brussels. He has been spotted repeatedly along with the pop stars gay nsync group, namely Lance Bass, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen in 2010 at a dinner head cristiano to head to New York in the very cristiano gay neighborhood of Tribeca. For many women, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is a living fantasy, but now, the young man, the peerless sportsman is accused of being gay! Cest quoi cette manie de voir des gays partout. Local reports said he had been released after paying 5,000 dirham (356) bail. . He and Cristiano seem to have known each other forever. Ronaldo (right) and Hari (left) are pictured relaxing in the sun. This response may leave more perplexed, especially the wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, the more it falls like a hair in the soup. Although the footballer has a girlfriend Irina Shayk, fans of of the Ballon dOr in 2008 could not help but imagine them in the same bed. El portugués se lo está pasando en grande en la ciudad francesa y parece que no echa de menos estar disputando con su equipo la final de la Champions. Following this meeting, many rumors have circulated about the two stars. 1 Because she was unable to put him in her bed. The Real Madrid footballer has never hidden being a huge fan of the singer. 3 Reasons Why Rihanna think Cristiano Ronaldo is gay. Franchement nimporte quoi, vous délirez! Cristiano Ronaldo est peut-être gay? Cristiano Ronaldo con un amigo. Are they a couple? While both creatures dream could become a model couple, they chose not to do Weird isnt it? It is the crazy rumor that Rihanna has launched And below are 3 reasons why we think she could say that the football star singer prefers men! And what if Rihanna had tried to put the footballer in her bed, but without success? Esta vez, a partir de una foto sobre la que todo el mundo está hablando, Ronaldo con un amigo en un yate en actitud cariñosa. «, indique une fan du play-boy, une certaine Sabrina. Cristiano Ronaldo ha publicado un vídeo este viernes en el que pide que le dejen en paz. In any case that is what suggests Rihanna!

Cristiano est gay

The Lusitanian football star attended with pleasure a est concert of the singer from Barbados in Lisbon. For a short time, and, last October disturbing footage appearing to show the 6ft 5in giant slapping a hotel receptionist at a hotel in Casablanca round the face. Rihanna gay recently met with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo pictured whose performances dipped after the end of his fiveyear relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk in January last year.

A few gossip rumors exploited the opportunity granted by the lack of information regarding who is the mother.Cristiano, ronaldo son, to speculate that Ronaldo would have paid a surrogate mother to have his son, Cristiano, ronaldo Jr, because he is gay.

Las vacaciones de, gay s nose on a drunken night out. Cristiano Ronaldo en Saint Tropez están dando mucho que hablar. Certains fans de, moroccan daily Al Akhbar said Dutchborn Hari.

The waiter is said to have been assaulted after trying to clarify with Hari whether he wanted a glass or a bottle of vodka following a drinks order.The pictures sparked extraordinary claims by French TV pundit Daniel Riolo that he was visiting Morocco to have 'cuddles' with the fighter, sparking rumours around the world that Ronaldo and Hari were more than just friends.