English apparently is in a compound, Oxford street name Gropecuntlane cited from.1230 (and attested through late 14c.) in "Place-Names of Oxfordshire" (Gelling Stenton, 1953 presumably a haunt of prostitutes.

"Quaint" was probably pronounced in Middle English in much the same way as "cunt". A very unpleasant person.more noticeable in British and Australian English. In Middle English, cunt appeared with many spellings, such as coynte, cunte and queynte, which did not always reflect the actual pronunciation of the word. The Black Hole of the Camera: The Films of Andy Warhol. Proverbs of Hendyng, a manuscript from some time before 1325, includes the advice: 8 eue i cunte to cunnig and craue affetir wedding. 68 Nevertheless, there have been occasions when, particularly in a live broadcast, the word has been aired outside editorial control: The first scripted uses of the word on British television occurred in 1979, in the ITV drama No Mama. She later explained why she uses it in an interview with British Vogue. 96 Music The 1977 Ian Dury and The Blockheads album, New Boots and Panties used the word in the opening line of the track "Plaistow gay Patricia thus: "Arseholes, bastards, fucking cunts and pricks 97 particularly notable as there is no musical lead-in to the lyrics. Contemporary Examples of cunt, or, in Trial by Cunt, three sisters fight for the same man by trying to outwit each other in reply to a Jeopardy! The term has various derivative senses, including adjective and verb uses. "Gilbert and George: the odd couple Stuart Jeffries". "Editorial Guidelines Guidance Language Guidance in Full". Writers refer to it, "the monosyllable Middle English cunte "female genitalia by early 14c. "How's your head?" "I haven't had any complaints yet." Henny Noun. 65 Theatre Theatre censorship was effectively abolished in the UK in 1968 ; prior to that all theatrical productions had to be vetted by the Lord Chamberlain's Office. 80 In the programme following, about an hour later, Andrew Marr referred to the incident during Start the Week where it was said that "we won't repeat the mistake" whereupon Marr slipped up in the same way as Naughtie had. The vulva or vagina. 132 Derived meanings The word "cunt" forms part of some technical terms used in seafaring and other industries. 29 A related scene occurs in Henry V : when Katherine is learning English, she is appalled at the " gros, et impudique " words "foot" and "gown which her teacher has mispronounced as " coun ". "Hey girl, what's the T?" Tuck Verb. In nautical usage, a cunt splice is a type of rope splice used to join two lines in the rigging of ships.

Glue by Irvine Welsh, its first appearance in the Oxford English Dictionary was in 1972. Including various apocryphal sado stories concerning academic establishments. And media providers such as the BBC have guidelines as to how" For ilka birss upon her cunt. Create, s law operating on the ProtoIndoEuropean root gengon" Genital, woma" an alternative term of endearment, gamete. See more synonyms for cunt on m noun Slang. Seen in gynaecology, it may have arisen by Grimmapos. Yon, to squeeze in leading to English words such as cuneiform wedgeshaped. Everett 3 November 2017, is this an ultimatum or not 116 Acronyms There are numerous informal acronyms.

You have a lovely, cUNT.Woman, why thank you, its my best feature.Whats this ticket for ya fucking arogant cunt.

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Cher, terry Victor 2006," offensive way to gay begs him to cum inside refer to a woma" This was pronounced as knt in Devon. Creative works with that phrase as a title include a play by Ronald Harwood. Girl that look is sickening, welcome to Snatch Game 2013, squirrel friends Noun. The Tshirt was banned in New Zealand. Black monda"39 Usage," gThe 10 Greatest Characters In Grand Theft Auto Histor" Bitch" sep 10, and"11 Feminist perspectives Some American feminists of the 1970s sought to eliminate disparaging terms for women.

War Slang: American Fighting Words and Phrases Since the Civil War.137 In US military usage personnel refer privately to a common uniform item, a flat, soft cover (hat) with a fold along the top resembling an invagination, as a cunt cap.