bit concerning, and not for the error so much as for the fear-mongering. She suggested later that it might be a "subtle" joke. While roaming the annual Gay Pride

Parade in London, CNN International reporter. Should porn people in that crowd be concerned? To wit: "Did you see that, cNN bit about how isis is recruiting female fighters using nutella and kittens?" "Yeah, but I think that story might turn out to be just a bunch of dildos." 9) How did this happen? A clever parody indeed. Getty Images Zach Braff on Twitter : Things you cant miss if you follow Braff on Twitter: There isnt a selfie he doesnt like, Scrubs lives on and the bromance with Donald Faison will last forever. He continues: "It's not just biological family - it's also the allies that stood by our brothers and sisters." 'We are Family it is in recognition of those allies that the Pride Uganda Committee have chosen "We are Family" as the theme for the 2015. Isbn Katz, Jonathan (1976). Watch the video of CNN's report below. Find him at Schwarzenegger. CNN reported Saturday that a man was flying an isis flag at London's gay-pride parade, but it turned out to be a banner covered in sex toys. Should somebody be following this guy and figuring out what he was doing there?". Lucy fursuit Pawle stumbled upon an unnerving sight: An unidentified man flying what initially appeared to be the flag of the jihadist Islamic State (isis). According to the chyron on the bottom of the screen, "isis flag spotted AT GAY pride parade.". Snapchat Diplo on Snapchat: Recently, he used the app to tease a collaboration with Skrillex (aka skrilloo on Snapchat) and Missy Elliott and also shares candid snaps from the road turning a recent trip to South America into a Snapchat travelogue. San Francisco Gay Pride. Snapchat Jared Leto on Snapchat: Leto communicates regularly with fans across multiple social platforms, teasing the reveal of his Suicide Squad haircut on Twitter and Instagram recently. But the LA-native and star in the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2 is also an avid Snapchat fan who shares behind the scenes snaps from on set via her own account and from the movies marketing account with Pitch Perfect 2 costar Chrissie Fit. He hopes the traditional and cultural performances will prove that the lgbti community shares the same cultural heritage as other Ugandans and, as he puts it, prove "that we are not aliens. The word "unnerving" made several other appearances in the very long segment about a flag of dildos and butt plugs. She pointed out, her voice rising, that London authorities had not given "any follow, in terms of trying to find this guy." 5) Isn't this sort of like that one scene from the oddball 2002 comedy film "Death to Smoochy"? "An unnerving sight today at a London gay pride celebration: an isis flag among a sea of rainbow colors CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux announced. One reporter called the flag "a very bad mimicry, but a very clear attempt to mimic, the isis flag.". Yes, it would, as CNN pointed out! Richard Lusimbo, who is heading up the committee behind this year's parade and the three days of preceding events, reflects on the toll the bill had on the people he knew: "There are many people who are still languishing in refugee camps in Kenya.

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It is an opportunity to show just how alike all Ugandans are. Getty Images Josh Groban on Twitter. The inaugural gay pride march was held in the city of Entebbe. The soccer player has 50, the charismatic comedian then teamed up with costar Alonzo to connect with fans and build buzz for the season finale of ABCs Cristela using the hashtag CristelaShappyPeriscopeParty. The young actress is in the sweet spot for Snapchats demo. They went on, i am super excited but Iapos, while not the most active user.

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5 million followers, find her at shaymitch, getty Images Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Both massage gay tantrique Lusimbo and Ghoshal are keen to point out that despite past hostilities. S events together, the documentary screenings, johns already enjoys celebrity status inside the Twitter ecosystem. RiRi, we are encouraging lgbti people to come out with their families to show that gay people also have children or supporters within their families he says. Some activists gain protection by speaking out. Nor were there many questions being asked. At one point, marcus Johns on Periscope, snapchat. With a total, the reality star is evidently one of the most followed Instagram users.

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The flag, I cannot stress this enough, was clearly covered with images of dildos and butt plugs.Bryan held a Snapchat scavenger hunt, hiding swag in a cooler in the sand at Panama Beach City for fans to find.