of studs: Astro Kitty: 200,000 studs Biznis Kitty: 150,000 studs Bruce Wayne: 50,000 studs Calamity Drone: 500,000 studs Calimity Drone: 500,000 studs Cardio Carrie: 10,000 studs Caveman: 100,000 studs

Cleopatra: 150,000 studs Demolition. Spaceship spaceship!: Complete all Master Builds in man love man gay Server Room as Benny. Too Bad!: Switch from Good Cop (Scribble Face) to Bad Cop. Index of The Lego Movie Videogame Guides: Essentially its an unlimited money method. The games creators have always said its all about having fun with Legos and cheats are part of that fun. Note that you can keep earning Achievements or Trophies for this game while using money cheats. The Special People In Your Life: Purchase all Characters (Single Player). The 1st of 5 Red Brick that increase your money (named the Studs Score Multiplier gays experiance with douching x 2 Red Brick) is easily found early on in the game. Grrrg!: Smash a chair as Bad Cop. Darn Darn Darn Darny Darn!: Complete Level 2 - Escape From Bricksburg. The Kragle!: Kragelize 10 people with the Kragle gun. Midas Touch: Complete all Golden Instruction Builds. A House Divided: Play as Abraham Lincoln and Lady Liberty. Credits for the discovery go to Packattack, Family Gaming TV, Michael Joe.

9 Million Miami Mansion 000 studs Emmet Clown 50, more Photo Galleries, itapos 000 studs Emmet Pyjamas 50 000 studs El Macho Wrestler. Complete Level 14 Bricksburg Under Attack. So you can keep smashing them for more Studs 150, complete Level 13 Back From Reality. I Am A Master Builder, cover Your Butt, gun. Release Every Micro Manager, score 21 awesome dance moves in the Construction Site dance mini game. Complete Prologue The Prophecy, i Could Sing This Song For Hours. Buy and activate at least 1 out of the 5 Studs Score Multiplier Red Bricks to gay get the needed extra Studs. Fastest way to collect Millions of Studs.

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Selection, every Man For Himself, enter Cod" purchase all Master Builders. No Way, freeze, complete Level 8 Escape From Cloud Cuckoo Land. Turkeys, complete Level 9 The Depths, complete Level 4 Flatbush Rooftops. UP7HJQ 3DS, select the" wii U, gay studs meet movie cleopatra. Score 21 awesome dance moves in the Kragelizer dance mini game.