her husband, Raman Parmar, 38, a flour mill worker, are Vankars, a low-ranking class in the Hindu caste system. Surrogacy is a fundamental human right for some and

exploitation of others, especially women who are poor. IVF permits six types of surrogacy: Possible sources of the egg are the surrogate, the intended mother or a donor; the intended father or a donor can provide the sperm. Regulations and costs for the practice vary worldwide, report demographers Joseph Chamie and Barry Mirkin, and with globalization of travel and communications, cross-border arrangements are on the rise. They explained what she could earn there - enough not only to fix the house, but to afford whatever else the family might need. Often problematic in cases of surrogacies undertaken abroad is establishing citizenship and parentage of the baby. In much of the past, surrogacy simply involved another woman the surrogate was impregnated by the prospective father and bore the child for the intended couple. The Bible relates the story of Abraham and his infertile wife, Sarah, who offered her handmaiden, Hagar, to her husband to bear a child. Now, goats and cows graze in fields littered with broken glass and excrement. A successful surrogate pregnancy in Thailand and India can cost up to 72,000 and up to 225,000 in the United States, with costs rising when a viable pregnancy is not achieved on the first attempt. A bit late for that. A decade ago, two of her uncles arranged her marriage to Raman. In the UK the number of babies registered after being born to a surrogate has more than doubled in the past six years. Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands and United Kingdom permit altruistic surrogacy with the surrogate receiving payment only for her expenses. Surrogacy laws vary worldwide. NEW york: What used to be a costly, sci-fi solution to childlessness has emerged as an everyday story. While no longer as rigid as it once was, this system still shapes the statuses and occupations of many in India, especially the working poor. Daily life for Manisha involved cleaning her home at dawn, then going into the fields to tend rice, wheat and millet under the midday sun. Today, commercial surrogacy in India has moved far beyond myth. Reportedly, someone figured out that providing the cops evidence of your own hate crime isnt a very bright idea. Surrogacy also permits otherwise childless men and women to have children. In some instances, most recently in Thailand, governments have imposed stringent regulations. With just a third-grade education, she didn't understand the science behind her pregnancy. She moved to Khambhat, the seaside city where he was raised, and into a modest dwelling: two rooms, a kitchen with no running water, a single mattress. Surrogacy empowers women to choose whether to participate and gain financial compensation for their valued service. Home, gay, not-very-bright anti-gay bigots in France film selves vandalizing Paris lgbt center. The number of Australian couples traveling overseas to have children through surrogacy has tripled in three years. As a result, eager couples longing for a baby and poor surrogates seeking money can be preyed upon by the unscrupulous or incompetent. All but unregulated by the national government, it's become a booming industry that attracts thousands of foreign clients and generates millions of dollars annually. In addition to the ethical, moral and religious objections, surrogacy raises a number of issues often left unaddressed even when legal agreements are involved.

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