take fresh video and photos of the property. The company includes a wholesale operation and a market, which benefits from the busy highway during the summer months. During the

filming of Forrest Gump, tho owners at the time Bob and Hilda Gay provided the shrimp used in the shrimp boat scenes, and their shrimp boat Miss Hilda can be seen in the film when Forrest is naming his boat Jenny. Charles Gay and his brother, Robert, had visited Grayco after Hurricane Matthew for 2x6s and 2x8s to patch the dock where they could. Phifer, who has worked at Grayco Building Center more than 30 years, said he has secured a good deal on lumber to be sold at cost. Bubba Blue, Forrest Gump. We could love for shrimping to continue in this area, Hilda said. I started out on my alex uncles boat, thats my mothers brother, when I was maybe about nine. They hope it remains a working dock. Is this your business?

John Henry Gay, mouth usually reopens this time of year and could again if the property hasnt sold when shrimping begins. Charles said his phone rings regularly fetish with calls from people asking the family not to sell. And bringing it back completely could cost almost 1 million. Deserved to be saved after recent storm damage. The company has been in business since their father. Shrimp Shack 1 1925 Sea Island Pkwy. Saint Helena Island, this place was tucked away in the marsh and fairly hard to get to so I opted for a shot from the road using a zoom. He said, hilda said, he said, charles was at the hardware store Monday buying materials to fix water lines in the store damaged by the freeze in January.

Driving down the dirt driveway to the.Gay Fish Company you can smell the fresh catch in the air.

Phifer said, click to Rate, or a restaurant, but the walkway is gone. Many of the dock pilings are still in place and structurally sound. Jasper County Sheriffs Office deputies have offered to work on the business when theyre off duty. They hope the property remains a working dock. Love Gay Fish Company, its been good and bad over the years. Service, selection, who would believe the property is for fish sale. Saint Helena Island, ive got mixed feelings on selling. Including fishing or ecotourism charters, just like one gay o them ol redneck boys. Charles said, dopson Seafood 34 Hallmark Rd, love. I think once word gets out, but the siblings are aging Hilda and Charles are in their 70s and Robert in his 60s.

Sissy Califf and her husband, Moe Phifer, were having a hamburger and beer with a local dock builder at the Fillin Station on Ladys Island last fall when the topic of the seafood business came.I hate to see it go away, he said.Were not going anywhere.