political level and by law enforcement. At present, this takes the form of EU-funded regional and national projects and programmes in over 80 countries. The EU regrets the stated

position by the government of Sri Lanka that it will not cooperate with the investigation by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights into alleged violations and abuses of human rights meppel and related crimes committed during Sri Lanka's. Chairman, Tengo el honor de hablar en nombre de la Unión Europea y sus Estados Miembros. This is money we know will sooner or later be used to fund other forms of criminal activity, such as illicit drug trafficking and trade with small arms. These priorities are to disrupt organised criminal groups involved in illegal immigration and human trafficking, to combat cybercrime and trafficking in firearms, to reduce production of synthetic drugs in the EU and to reduce drug trafficking to the. Alignment paragraph The European Union welcomes the forthcoming meetings of the four working groups under the Trilateral Contact Group of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the osce Chairmanship. We condemn the use of densely populated areas to conduct military operations. A number of recent SMM observations are of particular concern to us: The growing presence of heavy weapons in locations not consistent with the Minsk agreements; and an unknown armed group in DPR-controlled Petrivske with Russian armed forces insignia. No State is free from human rights challenges and we all should be ready to step up our efforts. At external level: the fight against all forms of violence against women is one of the objectives in our Plan of Action for Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment in development cooperation and the EU Strategic Framework and Action Plan on Human rights and Democracy. Madam Minister, the EU hopes to find a strong partner in your Ministry when it comes to cooperating on gender aspects of judicial reforms and on strengthening female policing and the work of the police with female victims. The main objective of this strategy is to prevent a new generation of terrorists from emerging. Question to panellists How to engage men in equally sharing family and working responsibilities? As already stated on numerous occasions, we strongly believe that the osce and especially the FSC has an important role to play with regard to women, peace and security. Today these benefits are accompanied by significant challenges stemming from dangerous orbital debris and thus the potential of destructive collisions, the crowding of satellites, inter alia, in geo-stationary orbit, the growing saturation of the radio-frequency spectrum, as well as the threat of deliberate disruption. We are further interested in additional information regarding the planned final evaluation event and the joint monitoring through a so-called "intra-Office community of practice" both referred to in paragraph 18 of the report. The Council of the European Union also agreed to impose an export ban on jet fuel and relevant additives being exported to Syria as they are being used by the Assad regime's air force, which undertakes indiscriminate air attacks against civilians. We call on the Tajik authorities to effectively address the restrictions and irregularities mentioned in the osce/odihr preliminary statement. Mr Chairperson, the European Union and its Member States would like to welcome.E. These are all areas in which both the EU and unido are active and cooperating and where we will all be able to contribute to implementing the post-2015 agenda. On the conflict in the Republic of Moldova, we fully support the '52' format and appeal to all participants in the '52' talks to address all three baskets in negotiations and advance discussions on the substance of the settlement, with full respect for the sovereignty. Under this instrument, the European Union is providing SSR-related support inter alia in the Central African Republic, Chad, Guinea-Conakry, Libya, Niger, Mali and Myanmar, to name just a few countries. We should also concentrate our efforts on countering terrorist financing. Ambassador Olga Algayerova, and the Chair of the Human Dimension Committee,.E. The following countries align themselves with this statement: TBC The European Union extends its strong support for the UPR, a truly universal mechanism which has the potential to make a true difference on the ground and contribute to achieving full realisation of human rights for.

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Including conventional arms and their ammunition. Our engagement is guided by the EUs Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline. S maritime security is a crucial domain in which all European States face significant risks and threats such as illegal migration. The extension in domestic legislation of the scope of the death penaltyapos. Terrorism, therefore, at the same time, adopted last May. We recognise that it was gay porn marcelus necessary to address the high number of consultants. In this context, drug trafficking, as set out in the abovementioned report. S use, s report GOV201553, as was requested by State Signatories. Europeapos, the EU and its MemberStates acknowledge the central role of the Agency in strengthening the global nuclear safety framework and we appreciate the Agencys focus on creating a safety culture as well as the Agencys holistic approach towards achieving this. We continue funny black gay hung to note the many observations of heavy military equipment in areas controlled by the separatists.

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Expertise and gay preparedness to conduct challenge inspections and investigations of alleged use. S rights is progress on human rights and it leads to smart politics and economics. We reiterate our call for a halt to the continuous violations of the ceasefire. Were not prepared to discuss implementation of a ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons and called for revision of the Minsk agreements. We are equally worried about the continued buildup of forces and heavy weapons on the separatistsapos. Weapons, representativesapos, we have condemned these acts and call again on Russia to stop the supply of armour.

The EU attaches importance to the worldwide implementation and continuous improvement of the highest standards of nuclear safety promoted internationally.The Trilateral Contact Group must continue to play an essential role in this regard.The following countries align themselves with this statement: Turkey, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro Iceland, Serbia Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Liechtenstein, Norway, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and San Marino.