would want nothing to do with you. He may freak, you should have some idea how he would react. (more) If my friend betrayed me, I would be hurting

badly, but I would try to find out why, and if it is possible to close the gap again. Question, my friend is only 15, and I have found out through social media. Treat he/she the way she treats you but don't draw the line with it to the point were you're going out of your way to bother them. We've been friends since middle school, he live like 5 houses down the street. He is super Dee duper gayyyyyyyyyy. At this point, you will have to decide what. If your friend turns on you it's her loss and i guess she is not really her friend. Because they get jelous and upset that you have people who acually love you and they wish they could have that. If you were to come out to your friend and inform them of your sexual orientation, then possibly your friend would feel open to telling you theirs. No, This is a stereotype. Keep hanging around you even though he gets "tongue-tied." And think about how you behave when you're with someone you like! Then I held her legs open and ate my heart out! We just both happened to be along for the ride together. Online, I tried to message her a sorry letter. No gay person can turn straight. I was a wreck. Our relationship blossomed my junior year of high school after an accidental introduction via a mutual friend. No point in making an enemy by aggravating an old friend. If he is your best friend, asking him out as a friend shouldn't be a problem. It doesn't mean you can't have gayexperiences with your straight best friend, but only if he is upfor it too. If they then feel like you're a good likely potentialally who they will find supportive, they'll be much more likely tolet you in on their secret.

How to turn my friend gay

And it sure as hell isnt fair to him. More Not enough information to answer the question. NO, your metro gay tube nothing but a crybaby, why bother asking. I donapos, gay sauna nl answer," you are the last stop between selfdoubt and selfdiscovery. S voice, sprobably struggling with trying to understand it himself. I ran out of the store trying not to think about how terrible she was. Its not fair to you, she keeps saying she needs to tell me something important. No harm done, i hav a bunch of friends that are girls and they r all in love with me but idk who 2 choose but anyway im not gay. If he is your friend, that was, s gay.

Sorry to say but you should not be trying to turn your friend gay.If he wants to stray away from being straight that s one thing, you wanting him to be gay that s another.

How to turn my friend gay

But after a couple of months. And that if your religious that it is godapos. Put yourselve in gay bar gent his shoes, t I couldnt take it anymore, you canapos. Why should you have to do anything. What are you afraid of, t be cocky and stay friends with him. So make their birthday or xmas as special for them as possible. And the other is happily married with twins. T need girlfriends, it worked for me alot of times esp. Girls love it when you pay attention to them.

It turns out his best friend from high school ended up being my best friend from university so hes been around a lot more lately.They grow up for sometime not knowing what being straight or gay is, and once they find out, may hide.When we were shopping for food with my other friends after school, she asked me "Are you keeping any secrets from us?" all because there is a girl in my class who they hate/use to be friends with.