community to soften their stance on same-sex relationships. The number of countries that are starting to recognize the rights of the gay community is increasing. The population is

extremely tolerant with over 10 of the nations total population turning out for the last years pride festival. A large proportion of Tunisians are Muslims, whose traditional Islamic mores and attitudes look down upon homosexuality as sinful and immoral. Though the law doesnt state explicitly about sex between women, lesbians also face arrests. In mark rutte gay European countries with equal marriage, or civil partnerships, gay search terms rarely feature in the top tens. Surely there are more gay people than these statistics show, which can be nicely seen as the time passes. In some of those, homosexuality is even punished by death. While gender differences werent a deciding factor, in those nations where they were, women were consistently found to be far tolerant of homosexuality than men. However, as far as lgbt rights are concerned, it is a different matter altogether. Now, lets start with this list: Loading. Despite pressure from international community to stop the discrimination of homosexuals and transgender people, Ghanaian government has refused to address the lgbt rights issue in the nation. In 2013 Brazil passed a same-sex marriage law, the second South American country to. . The 10 Most Gay Friendly Countries in the World. Moreover, secular nations were also found to be amongst the richest countries in the world; some of the exceptions were Russia and China. Under the Ugandan Penal Code, carnal activity between same-sex couples can carry punishment up to life imprisonment for men, and up to 7 years imprisonment for women. Countries like England, Brazil, Wales and France have allowed same-sex marriages recently, which make a total of 17 countries where gay marriages are acceptable. Belgium: Second country to legalize same-sex marriage. Sydney has been named one of the most gay friendly cities in the world. This list details the 10 least gay-friendly countries in the world, and how they treat their homosexual citizens. Despite its close proximity to the powerful US, Canada has been a leader in the field of gay rights for a long time. Brussels has many gay bars, clubs and shops. Argentina was ahead of all of its continental partners in terms of legalization and general acceptance. . Rio de Janeiro is the place. 8 Indonesia: 93 opposed to same-sex relationships, homosexuality faces prejudice and many legal challenges in Indonesia that arent faced by non-lgbt people. In the interactive survey, run by porn search engine PornMD, were published global searching habits, and it appeared to show that gay porn was even more popular than straight porn in countries where homosexuality was illegal.

List of countries who watch the most gay porn

The Netherlands was the pioneer in the area of gay and lesbian massage gay aftrekken rights. Gay marriages and civil unions arent recognized by the government. Since they are the only actual source we have regarding the gayest countries in the world per capita 000 francs, france has only one term in its top ten containing gay. Sexual activity between people of same sex is punishable with imprisonment of between 15 years.

Today some of the most successful TV shows are hosted by people, who are gay, for example, Ellen DeGeneres is pretty open about her marriage to Portia, her wife.12 countries earned 9 points, including Germany, New Zealand, and Spain.

List of countries who watch the most gay porn. Fantasy gay rape

Suggested that the more straight men watch porn. In a continent boys that contains many of the most antigay countries. Australia is also a land of great natural wonders.