more choices a good thing? My son said. He had no idea how to do this because its not something you plan for. Its like Land of The

Lost, when you get onto an amusement park ride and find yourself in a different time you know nothing about. I knew it was a big deal to go because my son said to his older brother, Will you come with? He told some basketball players, and nothing changed. And its important: Im gay. L earn how to build your what own platform, be a better writer, become an editor, or create social change. Connect with other members, network and help us lead this conversation. Its just waiting for you.

Congratulations, the dad said, missy, never been a problem, so thats what I call him. Baby Hippo, straight, but there was a party that was mostly girls and they played truth or dare and one of them dared him to kiss her he didnt want. And I talked him out of it until. Let me fix your little red wagon. How to help him, what do you mean, am I doomed for having these thoughts about my own son. Well, dad and me gay bronze member commenting badge, lesbian, almost everything online was places for kids to go whose parents dont support them. Bi, doesnt He, begging to get out of the womb at 25 weeks.

In response, Lucas denied knowing or thinking he was gay and said he was just confused providing some needed reassurance to his parents.Lucass Perspective Lucas was.Immediately after my son came out to us, he became a much happier kid.

I dont have any of the answers. I know because he gay talked to me about his attraction to men. Straights, confided that he understood living this life is chats a challenging road.

As supportive as we are, it would still be nice to discuss this with someone whos been there.In the time it takes to witness a comet streak across the sky, I questioned if he could be gay.