far-right Party for Freedom, whose longtime leader, Geert Wilders, has a record of inflammatory remarks and was convicted last month of inciting discrimination for denigrating Moroccans before municipal elections

in 2014. Jasper Vernes-Sewratan and Ronnie Sewratan-Vernes told police the confrontation started because they were holding hands. Baudet has done very well in the polls ever since his new party Forum for Democracy won two seats in March. His rise makes it likely there will be two viable parties attacking Ruttes new government from the right. The cam Dutch left, traditionally a strong proponent of consensus politics, suffered a historic defeat in March that left it weaker than ever. Later, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born activist who served in the Dutch Parliament, attracted global attention for her characterization of Islam as oppressive and violent. The former ranged from Bach to De Toppers, while his TV and movie selections included the original BBC House of Cards series, Neil Kinnocks 1985 Labour conference speech denouncing the Militant tendency, and an extract from Heat, starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Just not normal, the newspaper NRC Handelsblad said in an editorial, turning. But dont expect much high-fiving. The D66 party was behind internationally ground-breaking legislation to legalize gay marriage and euthanasia for the terminally ill. So Im going back on to the barricades. De Vreese said, but since the economy has been doing well over the past six months, the nation is more focused on immigration and integration, as well as on health care. The solution is not to tar people with the same brush, or insult or expel whole groups, but to make crystal clear what is normal and what is not normal in our country,. In the opaque Dutch coalition- building process in which negotiations take place behind closed doors Ruttes efforts took several dramatic turns. House of Cards, a trained classical pianist, Rutte focused on music and political drama in his choice of film clips. As a result, after Ruttes conservative-liberal Party for Freedom and Democracy once again became the countrys largest, most political leaders were wary of working with him again. The newcomers popularity also raises the prospect that Ruttes party will show an eagerness to move to the right to avoid losing voters to his competitors, further complicating the sustainability of the new government. But neither the left nor the right will be likely to go easy on the prime minister, given that parties on both sides suffered spectacular losses after working with him. During a three-hour live interview in Zomergasten on Sunday evening, Rutte said the PVVs election programme conflicted with domestic and international law on issues such as asylum and religious freedom. And it is widely known in Dutch political circles that opposition is already brewing among some of the four parties. In other words, its going to be a typical Dutch affair. The party has since called for expanding the right to euthanasia to those tired of living. 24, 2017, london The prime minister of the Netherlands, aiming to head off an insurgent challenge from right-wing populists, stunned many Dutch citizens this week with a strategy that could have come from President Trumps playbook. It is clear to the liberal party that they need to regain some of the votes that they virtually lost to the.V.V., and part of their strategy is to be tough on immigration, said Claes de Vreese, a political analyst at the University. The big question then becomes: Can Ruttes governing style of consensus-building very much a Dutch tradition survive? Far-right agitator Geert Wilders may have lost his challenge to Rutte in March, but his Party for Freedom has become the second-largest political force in the country. Ruttes message sounded as if it had come from a focus group. But that is not the case, and that is very sad, she said. The only reason the four parties have found themselves in the same room is that they lacked alternatives. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, before coalition talks last August Robin Utrecht/AFP via Getty Images. It condemned the remarks as simplistic and opportunistic, and warned that they risked scapegoating Muslims. Thierry Baudet is a young academic with an agenda that combines democratization break the party cartel with staunch opposition to immigration and the EU, as well as a more moderate position on Islam.

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Rutte responded, publicly refused to govern with the. Photo, credit card or Paypal, because the times and context were different. Rutte said his government would not apologise for the Netherlands slave mark rutte gay trading past. The prime minister admitted he had not been in a relationship since university. After showing a clip of Dutch Turks who took to the streets of Rotterdam to celebrate the failure of the summer coup against the Erdogan government. It was you who caused the loss mark rutte gay of our freedom.

Many people believe that Mark is a closeted homosexual.When, mark Rutte is questioned about his personal relations he keeps saying that.

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In 2002, the man of open borders, islamization. Go back to Turkey, he governed with the support of farright rabblerouser Geert Wilders from. Id prefer you leave, his considerable political skills may not pride be enough to win the battle for the Dutch model.